Academies of Shakopee Branding

  • The Academies of Shakopee are small learning communities that are organized around a student’s areas of interest.

    The academy concept came from the desire for small, real-world learning communities in a large high school. The Academies of Shakopee was implemented in the fall of 2018 when the expanded high school opened.

    Students have the opportunity to connect with others who have similar aspirations, and with teachers who can make meaningful connections to their plans for the future.

    Academies Logo Full Color          Academies 2 Color Logo                                            


    Academies Colored Stacked Logo              Academies 2 Colored Stacked Logo


    Academies Logos

    The Academies of Shakopee logo comes in several configurations and is the primary mark used to identify the program.

    Human Services   Science & Technology   Arts & Communication   Business & Entrepreneurship
      Engineering & Manufacturing   Health Science   Freshman Academy


    Academies Icons

    Each of the seven academies is identified by its own color and icon. These are used to distinguish communications from each individual academy and to identify each within the school building.

    Academy Colors

    Academies Colors

    The consistent use of graphics, typography and color is all part of establishing a recognizable identity. Each Academy is associated with its own distinct color. 

    When printing in full color (CMYK), or when applying the colors on a website (RGB), use the equivalent colors shown above.

     Academies Fonts

    Academies Type

    The Academies of Shakopee style extends to the use of the preferred typeface options outlined above. Typography, used consistently, is one of the most important design elements in establishing a recognizable graphic identity.

    Eurostile and DIN Round Pro are attractive, functional, and versatile enough for use in a wide variety of applications. These fonts can be used for both printed and electronic communications.