Media Opt-Out Form

  • Throughout the year, Shakopee students may be interviewed, recorded or photographed by the school district and local or national media. The pictures and videos may appear on the school’s website, social media sites, district publications and district presentations. It may also appear in any local or national media. Families who do not want their child to be photographed, interviewed or recorded should opt-out during initial online enrollment or during the annual update process every August/September in Infinite Campus. Families can also inform their child's school at any time and updates to permissions will take effect after that time.

    A media opt-out does not carry over year to year nor does it impact before/after-school activities. Additionally, a student's name, photo and likeness will remain in school community publications (internal staff communication, internal building signs/displays, yearbook, Seesaw or Canvas communications. The media-opt out form is specific to outside communication related to advertising, social media and news outlets. 

    A hard copy media opt-out form can be provided upon request by contact