• Grades: 10, 11, 12
    Credits: 2 Each Semester (4 Total Yearly)
    Prerequisite: None
    Fees: A lab fee may be assessed to cover the cost of extra materials
    Students will understand how carpenters and other trades people skillfully construct, install, erect, and repair structures to comply with existing codes and craftsmanship. Students will also read blueprints and specifications pertaining to standards and materials used in construction. Students must be willing to work with a variety of hand tools, power tools and construction equipment in a
    variety of conditions involving weather, heights, enclosed areas and physically demanding situations. Hard hats and safety glasses, pencil and a notebook are required!
    Students, both men and women, will have the opportunity to apply the techniques learned in the classroom on actual construction projects such as wall modules, storage sheds, decks and possibly a house. Local construction contractors will provide the opportunity for placement of advanced students in apprenticeship programs and jobs in a variety of related construction careers.
  • Shakopee Construction Presents the WJH Theatre Renovation

    The spring of 2016 the Shakopee Construction class was asked to go to the West Junior High and do a renovation on the storage room of their theatre. The following video shows the process in which they went to make this dream a reality.

Robotics Shed

  • 2016 Robotics Shed

    This year the Construction Team was asked to go one step further than they have before, meaning not just doing the exterior of the shed, but also finishing off the interior. This shed is complete with electrical panel, six outlets, two can lights, insulation, drywall, mud, tape, and paint.  Again, something that we had not done before, the students worked very hard, and the shed turned out great. 
    Thank you Robotics Team for the challenge! 
  • During Second Quarter students get the opportunity to work through a module build. In this project students get the experiences with framing, wrapping, siding, drywalling, electrical, taping. and roofing.

  • The following pictures are of students working on their sheds (Capstone Project) in this project the students were able to build sheds for customers in the community. They set the classroom up as a business, and determined how best to solve the problems of inventory, building, delivery, etc.

  • Shed Delivery:

    This years four sheds were delivered by a local company out of Shakopee: Greystone Construction. Greystone graciously donated their time, machinery, and expertise to help the SHS Construction class get the sheds below to their owners.

    Check out some of the deliveries below: 

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