• Students who are enrolled in the Computer Sciences Program of Study, will complete a three course sequence in which they will learn about Science deals with the digital automation of the algorithms that make this possible. In this introduction to the discipline of Computer Science, students create apps for mobile devices, automate tasks in a variety of languages, find patterns in data, and interpret simulations. Students in this pathway will be creating their own solutions to real-world problems with the skills and knowledge they obtain.

    The three course sequence consists of Introduction, intermediate, and an advanced course. For the Computer Sciences Program of Study students will work through the following sequence:


    AP Computer Science Principles


    Mobile App Development

    Web Development


    Technology Design and Development

    Students who might enroll in this Program of Study would be interested in careers in the following fields: Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Computer Network Architects, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Hardware Technician and Repairer, Computer Research Scientist, Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer and Information Systems, Computer Programmers, Information Security Analysts, Database Administrators.


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