• Grade Level: 9,10,11,12
    Credits/Length: 1 Credit – 1 Semester
    Prerequisite: None
    Fee: A lab fee is required of $25 

    Program of Study: Renewable Energy and Electrical Systems

    Description: This course provides an introduction to electricity and its applications. Concepts are applied and reinforced through project-based learning. We will explore the world of circuity, basic wiring, and construction of electrical circuits. Students will develop electrician skills, using hand tools and performing basic wire runs and device installs. You will also learn about PLCs and how they can be programmed to accomplish real world tasks.  If you enjoy; working with your hands, creating something from a pile of parts, and making a robot move, THEN Electricity is the class for you!

  • Students in Action

    The following pictures are from the Residential Electricity portion of the class. 
    Seth Installing a panel board Students in Electricity