• Grades: 10, 11, 12
    Credits: SHS: 1 per semester (2 total yearly)
    College: Possible to earn 3 credits at St. Cloud University
    Prerequisite: Introduction to Engineering Design recommended
    Fees: A lab fee may be assessed to cover the cost of extra materials
    Principles of Engineering (POE) is a course designed to take you further into the world of engineering by challenging your mind and building skills. Although not required, it is recommended that Introduction to Engineering (IED) is taken prior to this class, it will help a lot in understanding functions of Autodesk Inventor and the many types of engineering terms and design process. Engineering is NOT boring; in this class we will be using CNC machines and Fischer Techniques kits (Lego’s on steroids). We will also learn how to program machines, build gliders, and build catapults, as well as complete many other projects. This is yet another PLTW course that allows you to earn 3 credits from the University of Minnesota.

     Unit 1: Energy and Power

     Simple Machines: In this project, the students combined simple machines together to make a working whirligig. They then were able to calculate IMA (Ideal Mechanical Advantage) and AMA (Actual Mechanical Advantage). This was a mini-capstone for Unit 1.


     Unit 2: Materials and Structure

  • Unit 3: Control Systems

     In this unit students get the chance to work with programming, using our Robot C: software. Once codes are written the students then can physically build their solutions using VEX components. The combination of the two results in some really amazing things as seen below:

Important Links for Class

  • The following programs are used in this class and are available for free download, click the links below: