Additional Information for All Homeschool Families

  • Activities

    • The homeschool student is responsible for the payment of any activity fee associated with the activity. You are no longer required to join the Minnesota State High School League.  Please contact the Activities Director at the high school if interested in participating.
    • A homeschooled student may participate in non-Minnesota State High School League activities offered by the school district upon application and the payment of any activity fees associated with the activity.
    • Only students working towards a Shakopee diploma can participate in Prom.


    Graduation Ceremonies/Requirements

    • Students must meet the same requirements to participate in graduation ceremonies as those attending the Shakopee High School.
    • Students who choose to re-enter Shakopee High School should meet with a school counselor to determine what credits or Minnesota graduation requirements will transfer from homeschool.  This procedure is the same as that followed if a student transfers from a private school or a school outside of Minnesota.  The counselor will help the student determine the credits or graduation requirements needed to earn a Shakopee diploma.


    Shared Time Programs

    • A homeschooled child, who is a resident of the school district, may enroll in classes in the school district as a shared time pupil on the same basis as other non-public school students.
    • The school district may limit enrollment of shared-time pupils in such classes based on the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or school building. The School Board and administration retain sole discretion and control over scheduling of all classes and assignment of shared time pupils to classes.
    • Please contact your assigned school to inquire with Administration about class availability/schedule if interested in this option.


    Special Services

    State and federal laws require every school district to provide special education and related services to students, public and private, who are eligible under the guidelines of the state.  In Minnesota, home schools are considered "non-public" schools.

    To determine if a student is in need of special education or related services, a comprehensive evaluation must be conducted by special education staff. 

    The Shakopee Public Schools provide a full continuum of services for students with disabilities from birth to age 21.  Each school has a full complement of special education teachers and related service providers (such as occupational and physical therapists) to address the needs of students with disabilities grades K-12.  Services for very young children are provided in homes, child-care settings, preschools, and in the district's early childhood special education program. 

    If you have concerns about your child and whether he or she may need special education services, please call the building principal or school social worker.  You may also call the Director of Special Services at 952-496-5066.

    Testing Resource

    You may want to order your annual testing materials for your students through the University of Minnesota Office of Measurement Services

    Title I Services

    If your child is struggling, you may be eligible to receive academic support in the areas of reading and math from the Shakopee Public Schools Title I intervention support services.  Eligibility is based on your home address, whether your residence falls within a Title I elementary school, and qualifying academic criteria.  If you are interested in learning more or to find out if your child would be eligible, please contact Monika Summer at 952-496-5972 or