Public Notices

  • Effective May 17, 2024*

    All public notices approved by the School Board of Independent School District No.720, Shakopee, State of Minnesota will be published on this page and available at the District Office (1200 Shakopee Town Square), upon request, during business hours, as well as the Scott County Library. Only those notices that were approved on or after May 17, 2024 will be listed on this page in accordance with public notice posting guidelines for each item.

    Questions on public notices can be directed to 

    Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, when a qualified newspaper designated by a school district ceases to exist for any reason except consolidation with another newspaper, the school district may publish its proceedings on the school district's website instead of publishing the proceedings in a newspaper. The school district must also request that the same information be posted at each public library located within the school district for the notice's publication period. This section expires August 1, 2026.

School Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

General Public Notices

  • There are no general public notices at this time.