2023 Online Family Survey & Community Conversation

Community Conversation
  • 2023 Online Family Survey and Community Conversation 

    Press Release Issued Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Results shared during a July 2023 School Board Meeting. A summary of results was shared in the Back to School 2023 Edition of Education Forward.

    In an effort to keep a continuous dialogue and feedback loop within the Shakopee Public Schools community, a 2023 online family survey and community conversation was conducted in May 2023. The conversation was available online in a multilingual platform called ThoughtExchange. 

    The District had planned to conduct surveys in 2019, 2020, 2021 and then periodically in future years. 

    • 2021, third-party phone survey conducted 
    • 2020, COVID-19 pandemic impacted the ability to administer a survey 
    • 2019, third-party phone survey conducted 

    To review 2021 survey data, click here; 2019 survey results can be found here

    One open-ended question was available for group engagement in the 2023 community conversation with 20 close-ended survey questions. 947 community members participated in the conversation with 687 directly engaged in providing open-ended feedback. Roughly 54% of participants have a child in grade E-5 with 37% in grade 6-12; 9% of participants do not have a child in the district.

    Why Conduct a Community Conversation? 

    • Keep a continuous dialogue and feedback loop with the community. 
    • Define areas of growth and improvement that can be implemented alongside district vision, mission and overall priorities. 
    • Continue to build trust and an environment with open lines of communication. 
    • Shakopee Public Schools previously conducted phone surveys administered by Baker Tilly in 2019 and 2021.

2023 Highlights

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  •  “We have an incredibly engaged and committed community, and feedback opportunities like this are so very important and valuable to our district, and future.”

    - Dr. Mike Redmond