Shakopee IHD Program

  • IHD  

    The ‘IHD’ in Shakopee- IHD stands for:

    I = In-person learning 

    H = Hybrid learning

    D = Distance learning

    The term IHD is used to indicate this program may shift from one type of learning to another in response to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students in Shakopee School- IHD will attend their regular schools when the conditions allow for Hybrid or In-person learning. Students in Shakopee School-IHD will work from home when the pandemic conditions dictate we are in Distance learning. It is likely a student may shift from one form to another form of learning throughout the school year. 

    • When in the ‘H’, Hybrid part of Shakopee School-IHD, strict guidelines for health and safety will be followed each day to keep all students safe including social distancing, wearing face masks, modified class schedules and lunch periods to limit contact, changes in hallway travel routes, increased fresh air exchange, enhanced cleaning and disinfection, plexiglass barriers, and more.
    • Students will:
      • Rotate between attending school and distance learning every other day on an A-Day/B-Day rotation. The A/B rotation will be based on household so all children within a family will be placed on the same schedule. 
      • Elementary schools will begin one hour later than their normal start times to allow for condensed scheduling.  This also minimizes the number of student transitions throughout the day. 
      • Specialists (media, art, music and physical education) will provide instruction for students on distance learning days.
      • The Middle School schedule has been altered from a seven period day to a four period day, or block schedule. This change reduces the amount of student movement by having fewer transitions within the day. It also reduces the number of different groups of students and the number of courses to manage at one time from seven to four.  The schedule change will also make it easier for students to move between the different formats (I, H, and D) of instruction in response to pandemic conditions.
      • Kindergarten students will attend on site every day. 
      • Some students in need of intervention, receiving English Learner (EL) services, or receiving Special Education services may attend additional days on site.  
      • In alignment with our current understanding of the rules as set by MDE and MDH, most classrooms in our district will support no more than 16 students at any one time while in Hybrid.
    • When in the ‘D’, Distance learning 2.0  part of Shakopee- IHD, students will work from home.
      • Students will now receive daily, live interaction with their teacher and classmates. 
      • Additional synchronous (live) learning sessions may be offered to students who are English Learners, Special Education, or unique learners who may need more support to be successful in a distance learning environment. 
      • If the rules set by the Governor and MDE allow, there may be opportunities for unique learners to participate on site in a limited fashion while in Distance format.
    • A move to the ‘I’, In-person learning, would be a return to all students on site every day. Dependent on the state of the pandemic, certain health and safety cautions may be modified, others may remain in place.


    Additional Details

    In-Person Learning

    Hybrid: Elementary K-5 / Secondary 6-12

    Distance: Elementary K-5 / Secondary K-12