Challenges of Changing from an “A Day” to a “B Day” and Program Shifts

  • Changing from an A to B, or B to A day will only be considered in exceptional situations.  Making changes of this type is exceedingly complex.  Changes impact not only an individual student schedule, but also impact class sizes, bus routes, staffing and classroom and building capacities determined in accordance with health and safety guidelines. 

    In order to successfully complete and implement schedules and programs for the start of the school year, requests for changes from an A day to a B day, or vice versa, cannot be considered until the week of September 14.

    In early August, families and students were given the opportunity to make a program choice for the 2020-21 school year between Shakopee-IHD and Shakopee-Online.  In order to complete planning for the school year (teacher assignments, staffing levels, student schedules, A/B day assignments and bus routes), at this time requests to move from the Shakopee-Online program to Shakopee-IHD cannot be considered until the week of September 14.  When changes are considered then, it is possible they may not be accommodated due to capacity and lack of course availability due to health safety guidelines.  

    Requests to move from the Shakopee-IHD program to the Shakopee-Online program are still currently available.