Hybrid Learning - Elementary Information

  • Hybrid Learning Model will place students in an A/B rotation with 50% of the students attending school on one day while the other 50% will participate in a distance learning environment in an ongoing rotation. The A/B rotation will be based on household so all children within a family will be placed on the same schedule.  

    Kindergarten students will attend “in-person” learning days every day. Some students in need of intervention may attend some extra days or all in-person days. 

    Some students who receive English Learner services may attend some extra days or all “in-person” learning days.  Some students who receive Special Education services may also attend extra days or sessions as determined by IEP teams. 

    Click here to watch an overview video of the IHD - Hybrid Learning Day | En Espanol | Russian | Somali

    In-Person Learning Day

    The school schedule will be modified to focus on three blocks of instruction.  The student contact day will be shortened by one hour to allow for condensed scheduling at the beginning of the day for building meetings and prep time for increased collaboration and to minimize the number of student transitions throughout the day. Specialists will provide instruction for students on distance learning days.  

    Student Daily Schedule

    • Morning Meeting with both A & B students synchronously (online meetings) (20 minutes)
    • Literacy Block (75-90 minutes)
    • Math Block (75-90 minutes)
    • Integrated Block (45-60 minutes) includes science, social studies, health, literacy extensions and projects

    *Lunch, recess, and transition time for handwashing, etc. are additional minutes in the day.  

    Distance Learning Day

    Students will participate online in the following areas listed below.  Synchronous learning sessions (online meetings) should be 10-20 minutes in length.

    Student Daily Schedule  

    • Morning Meeting with both A & B students synchronously
    • Specialist Block (Art, Music, PE and Media/Digital Literacy) synchronous and online self-paced learning. 
    • Independent Practice (projects, assignments and skill development assigned by General Education teachers from “in-person” days)
    • Enrichment and Intervention Block (synchronous and/or self-paced projects)

    Distance Learning experiences for the day will be posted or communicated to students/families by 9:00 a.m. 

    Note for Distance Learning Instruction:  All online meetings with new or guided instruction will be recorded and shared with students who were not able to attend.  

    Time Allocation

    On Distance Learning days, time allocation includes participation in synchronous learning (live google meets) and online, self-paced learning (work completion time). 

    Kindergarten and First Grade: up to 2 hours

    Second and Third Grade: up to 3 hours

    Fourth and Fifth Grade:  up to 3.5 hours  


    In-Person students: Classroom teachers will take attendance within 30 minutes of the start of the school day and enter it in Infinite Campus.

    For Distance Learning studentsTeachers will report attendance in Infinite Campus by the end of each school day. Students will be marked present for active online engagement or direct interaction on a given day, such as:

    • Participation in a group interaction (Google Meet)
    • Phone call or text message exchange between teacher and student or parent
    • Accessed Seesaw during the day
    • Completion of assignments