Hybrid Learning - Secondary Information

  • Hybrid Learning Model will place students in an A/B rotation with 50% of the students attending school on one day while the other 50% will participate in a distance learning environment in an ongoing rotation. The A/B rotation will be based on household so all children within a family will be placed on the same schedule. 

    Some students in need of intervention may attend some extra days or all in-person days.  Some students who receive English Learner services may attend some extra days or all “in-person” days.  Students who receive Special Education services may also attend extra days or sessions as determined by IEP teams. 

    Click here to watch and overview of the IHD - Hybrid Learning Day | En Espanol | Russian | Somali

    In-person Learning (Day A) and Distance Learning (Day B) Rotation (Grades 6-12)

    Teachers will “chunk” instruction by creating a two day student experience.  Teachers will plan for what is best for an “in-person” or “distance learning” environment.  In-person learning time is a mix of instruction including small group work, and individual tutoring.  It is an excellent opportunity for application, guided practice, and discussions.  A key component to in-person time is scaffolding work and clarifying student expectations for the distance learning day so that students will be successful at home. Distance Learning works well for more self-paced options such as watching teacher pre-recorded “mini-lessons”, research, online learning or print applications, meeting and collaborating with other students virtually on projects and individual work completion time. 

    Middle School

    Self-paced learning experiences for Distance learning days will be posted by 9:00 a.m. and communicated to students/families on “in-person” learning days.

    Given the possible transitions in instructional models, middle schools will alter their 7 period daily schedule to a 4 period block schedule for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. 

    Time Allocation

    Time allocation for Distance Learning days will focus on online, self-paced learning activities including work completion time.  The recommended maximum time allocation is listed below.  

    • High School  - 60 minutes per block
    • Middle School - 45 minutes per block


    High School: Grades will be reported as  A, B, C, P, I, or NG at the high school. Students with incompletes will be placed in a support program to complete the course following the end of a quarter. 

    Middle School: Grades will be reported as  A, B, C, P or NI at the middle school.  


    For In-person students, teachers will take attendance for each block as it is typically done in Infinite Campus.

    For Distance learning students, teachers will report attendance in Infinite Campus by the end of each school day.

    Students attending distance learning days should be marked present for any online engagement or direct interaction for a given day, such as:

    • Participation in a group interaction (online meetings)
    • Phone call or text message exchange between teacher and student
    • Accessed Canvas course 
    • Completion of assignments